“Made in JAPAN” quality with the perfection and technology unique to Japanese people

The latest technology for electric guitars and electric basses

"Made in JAPAN" quality with the perfection and technology unique to Japanese people

Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.)* Adopted all models

By striking the frets in an arc shape, a single scale with the same length from the nut to the final fret is achieved for all strings. Technology that allows you to obtain a more accurate pitch feeling without being bothered by the deviation of chords depending on the position.
In addition, the strings and frets are orthogonal to each other for a clear sound, rich sustain and good ensemble, and the sound with no variation in tone also realizes a great deal of strength in distortion sounds.


ELITE FINISH* Adopted all models

Smooth fingering and reliable position movement are possible by applying a smooth finish to the edges at both ends of the frets. Bring out the expressive power that the player originally has.


HEEL CUT JOINT* Adopted for detachable models (excluding base)

The heel of the neck joint has been cut smoothly to improve playability in high positions. Uses a uniquely shaped neck set plate.


HEELLESS DEEP JOINT* Adopted for ZLS-10 / FM, ZLC-10, ZLS-10

It is a structure that inserts the neck deep into the body and connects it. By inserting the rear end of the neck to the bottom of the front pickup, the sense of unity between the neck and body is enhanced, and the sound and sustain are improved. In addition, the heel part has been finished smoothly, greatly improving the playability of the high position.


SMOOTH GRIP* Adopted for detachable model

Finished by a unique special construction method The paint on the neck grip fits in your hand like a guitar that you have played for many years at the moment you grasp it, and supports smooth fingering and reliable position movement even when you sweat.


THIN URETHANE FINISH* Adopted for set neck model

A classical finish with ultra-thin urethane coating that emphasizes texture. You can enjoy the unique texture with slightly reduced luster, and the ultra-thin paint maximizes the sound of the guitar body.

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